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Our mission is to provide members resources to promote quality education for children birth to age 5.

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Imagine a place where you could borrow really great educational toys with books and play ideas. You could save money, reduce toy clutter, and know where your child is in their early education. You could know what your child still needs to be exposed to or think about. Think of the peace of mind you would have knowing how your children are playing and developing their brains and future intellect capacity.

This place is being created right now! We are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to making a difference in the early lives of children.

Our mission is provide members resources to promote quality education for children from birth to age 5.

Check back for more details on our pilot program anticipated for 2018.

As a member it can be as easy and simple as checking out books at your library.

Just think of all the obnoxious, flashing light, ear piercing toy you have bought that just lay there rarely played with by your child. Gone are those days! Now if your child doesn't care for a toy you have checked out you can just bring it back and select a new one. It's that easy!

If you are interested in being part of our pilot program send us an email at tllcceo@gmail.com with the subject: pilot program.

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