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Toy Lending Library of Cincinnati was incorporated in Ohio in April 2016 as a nonprofit by Patricia M. Knueven.

The Founding Board of Directors: Patricia Knueven, Robin Clark, and Margaret Knueven.

In June 2016 we gained 501c(3) status as a public charity.

Since incorporating our main goal is to become part of the solution of educating young children prior to school. Children who have a foundation of learning during their first few years of life prior to formal education have a greater capacity to learn. Early learning develops their brain capacities and strengthens important pathways leading to easier learning throughout life. They will be more successful once they enter school and later in life.

We strive to play a role in the economic change that will improve our society here in Cincinnati with an increase in productive citizens.

Our mission is provide members resources to promote quality education for children from birth to age 5.

Members can be
We allow such a broad category for membership because we understand that it take a village to raise a child. We are the suppport for the villagers.

Our goal is to enter the home environments of children and provide enriching materials that foster early learning skills.

Our toy kits are our first resource. These little packages excite children, contain all the materials, and allow the adult and child to have instant fun together. Children learn best through playful interactions with interesting tangible objects. Members can borrow toy kits like books can be borrowed from a library. It is so much fun watching a child eager anticipate opening a toy kit! It's such a special time for all involved. The memories made together exploring the toy kit will leave an imprint of love on your child's heart. Those playful interactions are so special and treasured moments of your child's life.

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