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Each toy kit comes a with toy, book, and resource card.
Toy kits are organized into four main categories: These categories are consistent with Ohio Department of Education's Early Learning and Development Standards. These standards can be found here. Each resource card refers to these standards.

Exposing your child to all of these standards before they enter Kindergarten will utilize their natural learning capacity during the optimal brain development period. We strive to make this information general knowledge for every parent because it is extremely important.

All curriculums are different and may cover all the standards. Check these standards against your child's curriculum. Use our program to fill in the gaps.

Children experience an ease in learning after exposure to all of the standards because they lay a foundation of learning in the child's brain that may not otherwise develop. This foundation prepares a child's brain structure for all later learning.

The first 5 years of life are a critical time in development where the brain strengthens connections and gradually kills off unused brain capacity. The process of pruning allows your child's brain to specailize in what it knows and build upon that. A newborn's brain in primed for learning. Providing learning activities during this critical time is how you can take advantage of your child's natural learning abilities while ensuring an ease of future learning which leads to success in life. By developing optimally early in life you save your child from having a more difficult time learning later after their brain has developed more.

This is why learning a second language later in life is not second nature difficult. It is possible, but doesn't come as easy as it would if you learned a second language at the same time you learned your first language. Many new developments are being made in the area of brain research. Take advantage of these latest advances.

We are here to support you in your most important job as your child's first, most influential teacher!

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